Selfie Revolution

Selfie Revolution

Selfie World

Selfie World

This is how the Selfie revolution started?

Selfie –“is loving and showcasing self image”

What are those things that fascinate a person, who is browsing his Facebook page? The answer is simple….it is the photos, words and clicks of other person’s lives. It is the human propensity that arouses their curiosity to know other human’s behavior and lifestyle irrespective of his relation with him. Well! Selfie, indeed, has changed the trend when technology has given the apt solution. Here, the person behind the camera now can also become the part of that very picture and portray his emotions. Social Media provides the right platform to upload and share the moment of a person’s life with the whole world. Psychologists think that a selfie gives an insight of a person’s mindset and perceptions via their emotive faces or photo backgrounds.


Evolution of Selfie – an interesting phenomenon

  • Background

It is believed that selfie is a recent trend but facts exhibit a different story altogether. During 2004-2006, before Facebook, MySpace was the first popular social networking site which asked for ‘MySpace Pic’ and very few of the subscribers used to upload their clicks on site. Slowly and gradually after the emergence of Facebook in 2009, people got intrigued by its design and popularity. It encouraged them to upload their profile picture as well as change it every day or week to attract more likes, feedbacks and compliments.


  • Beginning

Post introduction of smart phones and i-phones, one feature that fascinated and overruled the mobile market was ‘front facing cameras’ that brought a revolution in the technological market in the year 2010. This gave the user a leverage to frame his selfie just like the way he want it to be. Post this; the emergence of instagram came in the year 2011. It introduced filters, hash tags and an option to edit their selfies. This has further added ingenuity in the hands of users to gain attention. In short, Selfie capitulate attention and attention is the first step to fame.


  • Future

Selfie is gaining momentum in literal sense. The journey began with personal selfies moved on to group selfies and further has a long way to go. The significant question which arises in mind is – how differently? People including celebrities, kids or adolescents love uploading selfies on these social media sites to showcase not only their deeds but also how well they are doing it. Interesting point here is, any sneak peak of celebrities’ lives excites their fans and Selfies gives them just that.


Selfie revolution triggers a means to connect people

This revolution has started with a bang and making people bananas after it. It has become an essence of any occasion or a call of any situation. In future, Selfie is going to play a significant role in psychology as it may help in understanding a mind’s perception and insight. Moreover, selfie is another way to spread smiles and connect heart. It may have pros and cons and this subject needs deeper enlightenment. Technology and social media has collectively played an innovative role in spreading the selfie revolution worldwide. Selfie aficionados are making best use of electronic devices and apps to establish their digital identities.